Donna Fielder


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Laura Smither, twelve, was taken from the road in front of her home in the small suburban Texas town of Friendswood. Sandra Sappaugh barely escaped with her life when she was abducted from a Waffle House parking lot in the tiny Texas coastal town of Webster. Kelli Cox vanished from the police department parking lot in the Texas college town of Denton. Anjanette Sorrentino fled into woods in Harris County, trying to escape a man with murderous intentions. He caught her. Tiffany Johnston was raped and murdered in the Oklahoma City suburb of Bethany. She was washing her car when she disappeared. Jessica Cain was on her way home from dinner with friends to the Village of Tiki Island, Texas, population seven hundred and seventy-eight. Within five months in 1997, all six (most likely more; some say many more) suffered the same fate. They met a monster wearing the face of a man. WHAT EVIL LURKS: The Good Samaritan Killer-Donna Fielder
Year of Release: 2021
Length: 63 minutes