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Gary Michael Hilton once sold his movie idea to Hollywood. The straight-to-video Deadly Run was about a man who captures women only to set them free on his very private and secluded Georgia land so that he can hunt and kill them. In 2007 (at least, that's the earliest investigators have been able to prove), he brought Hollywood to life when he began using state parks as his own personal hunting grounds. Convicted of murder and sentenced to death-it would seem the case was not closed. Rosen was commissioned by the Atlanta Journal Constitution to write a front page piece for their Sunday section on the real time-line of Meredith Emerson's murder which is covered in his book Trails of Death. Rosen was denied information and now realizes the timeline in the book is wrong. Emerson should probably still be alive. The truth never came out and Rosen is pursuing the story. TRAILS OF DEATH: The True Story of the National Forest Serial Killer Gary Hilton-Fred Rosen.
Year of Release: 2021
Length: 70 minutes