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On June 4, 1989, the bodies of Jo, Michelle, and Christe Rogers were found floating in the serene waters of Tampa Bay, Florida. They were stripped below the waist, bound, and tied to concrete blocks. They were going on vacation! It was a trip that may seem normal to some. But to the Rogers family, it was the trip  of a lifetime. They were going to Florida to make some memories. But Florida would literally become a tourist  trap for Jo, Michelle, and Christe. They would not make it home alive. The Rogers women were going to experience Florida in the classic fashion. They would color their days with beaches,  attractions, and maybe even a visit to Mickey Mouse. This would be a welcome respite from their daily grind spent on a three-hundred-acre dairy farm in Ohio. They were determined to enjoy every moment. There were still no fresh leads by the spring of 1992. Moore decided to push harder with the media. He released information from a psychological profile that was prepared by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The reward was raised to $25,000. Moore held press conferences and had the case featured on such national television shows as Unsolved Mysteries and  Diabolical Minds: Case Studies. Something clicked this time. Jo Ann Steffey of Tampa was convinced that her neighbor was the killer. Police did not act on Steffey's tip initially but she was persistent and police finally made the arrest of Oba Chandler that year. TOURIST TRAP: Oba Chandler and the Murder of the Roger's Family-Fred Shrum, III.  
Year of Release: 2021
Episode #75
Length: 57 minutes