Catherine Smyth


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In a park in Bacup, Lancashire, England on the night of August 11, 2007, 21 year-olds Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend Rob Maltby were savagely attacked by five teenage boys, aged 14-17. They were attacked simply because they dressed 'differently'. Sophie had been attacked after trying to protect her boyfriend and was pulled from life support 13 days later. Robert survived with numerous serious injuries The first journalist on the scene Catherine Smyth provides a dramatic perspective to the case as a mother and a member of the media who became inextricably involved in the story-forever. The book chronicles the attack, the town where it happened, the court case, the national and international media interest and the launch of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. It also uncovers some anomalies. The police admitted initially attending the wrong park; the ambulance service has yet to explain why it took 14 minutes for first paramedics to reach the scene just a mile away." THE SOPHIE LANCASTER STORY: Catherine Smyth
Year of Release: 2021
Length: 80 minutes