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In August 1982, in Kelowna, British Columbia David Shearing shot grandparents George and Edith Bentley and parents Bob and Jackie Johnson at their campsite in Wells Gray Park. The sole purpose of these murders was to give him access to the two Johnson daughters Janet, age 13 and Karen, age 11 for purposes of rape, molestation and torture. He held the girls captive for almost a week and then murdered them as well. He put the bodies of the girls in the trunk of the family car with the four adults in the back seat, and set the car on fire - leaving the bodies nearly unidentifiable. A hearing was set for September 4, 2014 to give consideration for day  and full parole for Ennis. If day parole were granted, he would be allowed to live in a halfway house. If full parole were granted, he would be allowed to live in the community. Ennis was denied parole in 2008 and in 2012 for numerous issues, including a diagnosis of phychopathy. Tammy Arishenkoff attended school with the young girls and worked with the victim's family to organize an on-line petition drive to deny David Ennis' parole; sending the following to the parole board in Ottawa: We, the undersigned, feel that the release of David Ennis, formerly David Shearing, into the community would jeopardize the safety of all citizens, but more importantly our children. As well, the heinous nature of his crimes should preclude any possibility of release. Tammy Arishenkoff and her followers strongly urged the Parole Board of Canada to once again deny parole to this murderer at the upcoming hearing September 4, 2014. This is what happened. THE PAROLE OF MASS MURDERER DAVID ENNIS-Tammy Arishenkoff
Year of Release: 2021
Length: 70 minutes