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A woman’s dead body is tossed off a cruise ship. It’s homicide on the high seas, a story of murder and greed, a true crime story you’ll never forget. Why are you always killed by the one you love? A research vessel finds a woman’s decomposing corpse floating in the Tyrrhenian Sea, about twenty miles off the Italian shoreline.Cruise ships frequent the area. Investigators’ best guess is that she came from one of those boats. But which one? And is it a case of accidental death, suicide, or even murder? Only one boat reported the possibility that a passenger had gone overboard. So she had to have come from the Island Star. The mystery of how she died was also swiftly solved. For one simple reason, it had to be a case of homicide. So, someone murdered this woman while both were aboard the cruise ship. Hundreds of people were onboard the Island Star. Who was the killer? Another perplexing question: Why should the DA’s office in Orange County, California, prosecute a murder that occurred off the coast of Italy? Prosecutors also have to deal with the fact that their star witnesses were thousands of miles away when Mary Takahashi went into the water. What complicated the prosecution’s case even more, was the propensity of their star witnesses to change their stories. Both had reasons to turn on the suspect. Would the jury believe them? The Murder of Mary Takahashi: A Shocking True Crime Story tells a story of greed and murder. But it’s also an extraordinary tale of legal intrigue and guile as prosecutors work for more than a decade to put one of their own, a fellow attorney, in prison for the rest of his life. THE MURDER OF MARY TAKAHASHI: A Shocking True Crime Story-Rod Kackley
Year of Release: 2021
Length: 56 minutes