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The Last Six Minutes is the true account of the random and violent murder of 16 year-old Matthew Martins, and his family's journey through the Canadian Criminal Justice System. On July 2, 2005 Matthew Martins, while waiting near a Sky Train Station for a friend was approached by a woman named Katherine Quinn. Quinn wanted Matthew's crucifix and jumped him trying to get it from him. In the scuffle she was scratched by something and began screaming to her friends and her boyfriend Forslund, that she had been stabbed by Matthew. He ran but was chased and they cornered him at the bottom of the escalators, robbing and then beating and stomping him to death. Forslund had even slit Matthew's throat. Quinn and Forslund were arrested, charged and sentenced for second-degree murder. Now the family faced the killer's appeals and the threat of another trial. As a result of the family's nightmarish ordeal Matthew's mother Sandra founded F.A.C.T. families Against Crime and Trauma working tirelessly to help others who have lost a loved one to a violent crime. She has witnessed first hand the imbalance in the Canadian Justice System, and believes it is time to see the rights of victims supersede those of the offenders. THE LAST SIX MINUTES: A Mother's Loss and Quest for Justice-Sandra Martins-Toner
Year of Release: 2021
Episode #34
Length: 62 minutes