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It took almost 10 years for investigators to arrest two men for the brutal murders of seven workers in a fast-food restaurant in suburban Chicago. The tragic events captured headlines nationwide. When the arrests finally were made, the evidence against one man was virtually irrefutable. His DNA was found on chicken bones recovered from a trash bin at Brown's Chicken and Pasta; investigators contended that he ate pieces of chicken before killing the victims - the so-called "last meal." HeĀ confessed, indicating that he got "caught up in the moment" as he slit the throat of one victim. If someone ever deserved the death sentence, he did.The Last Meal is the story of horrific crime. It is also the riveting account of how a team of defense attorneys fought to show how their client did not commit the killings, and what happened when that failed to save him from a death sentence. This true-crime story is unique as it is written from the perspective of the defense attorneys rather than the prosecutors. THE LAST MEAL: Defending An Accused Mass Murderer-Dennis Shere
Year of Release: 2021
Episode #38
Length: 65 minutes