THE ASSASSINS OF YOUTH (*A mixed media limited podcast series)
Dan Zupansky


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In 1937 U.S. drug czar Harry Anslinger claimed that Marijuana was the Assassin of Youth, connecting Marijuana use to pychosis, rape and murder. It began a wave of years of Marijuana hysteria, with harsh sentences imposed for users and dealers. The hysteria was clearly still evident in the mid-80's. Satan's Choice Motorcycle Club was a Canadian outlaw motorcycle club that by 1970 had more than 400 members, making it the second largest outlaw motorcycle club in the world, behind only the Hell’s Angels. In 1984 there was a chapter of Satan's Choice in Thunder Bay-in 2000 they became Hell's Angels. The Coroner's Inquest into Scott Dove's murder in January 1986, named convicted marijuana trafficker Gary Lamont as the sole murder suspect. But if marijuana leads to murder-who sold the marijuana to Gary Lamont? The police soon determined it was Pat Hagar. I spoke to Pat Hagar, former Satan's Choice and Hell's Angel about Gary Lamont, marijuana and the murder of Scott Dove. THE ASSASSINS OF YOUTH-Part 2-Satan, Marijuana and Murder. Produced by Evan Gardiner and Dan Zupansky Music-Ken Krotowich Music-Evan Gardiner
Year of Release: 2023
Episode #2
Length: 36 minutes