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True crime author Ron Chepesiuk uncovers one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of the international drug trade in Sergeant Smack: The Legendary Lives and Times of Ike Atkinson, Kingpin, and his Band of Brothers. Sergeant Smack details the true legend of Ike Atkinson, one of the biggest Black drug traffickers in U.S. history. Atkinson pioneered some of the most innovative methods used in international drug smuggling. They ranged from duffle and AWOL bags, to the U.S. Army Postal System to the use of unsuspecting crew chiefs who operated military aircraft transporting teakwood furniture. But, contrary to popular belief, Atkinson's methods did not include the bogus cadaver-heroin smuggling connection conspiracy exploited by Frank Lucas in Hollywood 's blockbuster film, "American Gangster." The film not only distorted Atkinson's historical role in the international drug trade, but falsely depicted Lucas as the pioneer of the Asian heroin connection. As the book conclusively shows, the conspiracy is a hoax, as is Frank Lucas' claims of participation with Ike in the conspiracy. SERGEANT SMACK-Ron Chepesiuk
Year of Release: 2021
Length: 60 minutes