Nico Claux


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Almost one third of Russian serial killers have committed cannibalism during their murder spree, but not much is known about their crimes outside of the Federation. This book follows the stories of 13 cannibals from the Motherland: Alexander Spesivtsev “The Siberian Ripper”, Dimitry and Natalia Baksheev, Nikolai “Metal Fang” Dzhumagaliyev, all these killers were characterized by the same fetish: the erotic desire to consume the flesh of a person. Cursed by an uncontrollable hunger, they have committed some of the worst atrocities in the history of true crime. Illustrated with more than 250 photographs unearthed from the confidential files of the Kremlin’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russian Cannibals – Addicted to Human Flesh is a brutal encyclopedia of the men and women who have broken the ultimate taboo. RUSSIAN CANNIBALS: Addicted To Human Flesh-Nico Claux
Year of Release: 2023
Length: 61 minutes