Linda Rosencrance


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To his friends and neighbors, Jeffrey Mailhot was an ordinary, law-abiding motorcycle enthusiast with a fondness for 80's rock `n roll. But there was a dark side to Mailhot-and an urge he couldn't control. The Vanished Bodies. Rhode Island detectives knew they had a serial killer in their town. But the victims were women who lived and worked in a sexual underground-and whose bodies were never found. Then, prostitutes began to talk about a man who played too rough. Police arrested Jeffrey Mailhot, and an incredible duel of wits began. A brilliant police interrogation led to a chilling confession. Now, this insider's account of a modern-day Jack the Ripper takes us into the room where Jeffrey Mailhot, in his own words, told police how he killed women with his bare hands, cut their bodies into pieces, and then went out to kill again. RIPPER: Linda Rosencrance
Year of Release: 2021
Episode #12
Length: 60 minutes