Mike Rothmiller and Douglas Thompson


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John F. Kennedy's life is promoted by sentimental myth-makers as pure legend, but a sinister shadow lies across his life. JFK's death was such a shocking event that the vivid memory of his assassination still blinds us to much of what went before. It is almost always seen through the prism of that single, terrible day in Dallas, obscuring the dark corners of his life and government. For JFK, power was soundbites over policy, the White House a fairytale castle, and the President a hypersexualised movie star. As with Hollywood, the willing suspension of belief was required. Reality imposes no such limits. Drawing on essential new material, Reckless shatters the secrets and lies with a revelatory true-life thriller focusing on JFK and Robert F. Kennedy, both before and after they bought the White House. All the usual suspects, from FBI titan J. Edgar Hoover and billionaire Howard Hughes to CIA rogue agents and Mob hitmen appear in a narrative which sweeps from wartime London to the salons of Washington, from the bedrooms of Hollywood to the torture chambers and jungles of Central America, and on to revolutionary Cuba and the the tragic, bloody political carousel of Vietnam. RECKLESS: Sex, Lies and JFK-Douglas Thompson
Year of Release: 2024
Length: 65 minutes