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Erin Moriarty, a CBS News journalist for three decades, has been a correspondent on "48 Hours" since 1990. In addition to reporting for "48 Hours," Moriarty's work is featured on all CBS News broadcasts and platforms, including "CBS Sunday Morning," "CBS Mornings" and the CBS News Streaming Network. Her reporting has earned Moriarty virtually every major journalism award available. Erin Moriarty's award-winning original true-crime podcast, "My Life of Crime," returns for a fourth season. The captivating and thrilling podcast from CBS News Audio and "48 Hours, is available on all podcast platforms with new episodes released every Wednesday. Moriarty takes you inside true-crime investigations like no one else, taking on killers and those accused of crimes. In this 4th season she delves into the labyrinth of crime within families and the secrets that kept them together or tore them apart. Moriarty brings almost three decades of experience as a lawyer and reporter involved in murder cases – she brushes past the speculation to the evidence and talks to the people directly involved, including investigators and the families of victims. Erin Moriarty joins me to discuss the 4th season of her original true crime podcast MY LIFE OF CRIME.
Year of Release: 2023
Length: 50 minutes