John Tommasi


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Greed, arrogance and lust led Robert Anderson to kill his wife of nearly twenty years. He was a pillar of the community. He owned four Service Master franchises, he was a Kiwanis member and former President, and a former teacher and Athletic Director at Salem High School. The combination of his love for money and infatuation with a younger girl led him to the brutal beating of his wife and subsequent attempt to frame an employee and former student. The death of his wife in Lawrence Mass, was considered an extreme act of rage and was initially attributed to the violence that was pervasive in the city at the time. The homicide was subsequently compared to the murder of Carol Stuart by her husband Charles Stuart, five years earlier in Boston. That Stuart murder was also initially attributed to the violence of the city. Follow investigators from three agencies as they follow the evidence and track their quarry. In the end, justice reigned. MURDER OUTSIDE THE BACK DOOR: The True Story of the Murder of a popular Salem, NH teacher by her husband, the murder labeled as a Charles Stuart copycat-John Tommasi
Year of Release: 2023
Length: 49 minutes