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Susan Berman was reared in the lap of Las Vegas luxury as the daughter of Davie Berman, a notorious casino mogul and mafia leader. It wasn't until college, well after her father's death that she learned what he really was and really did. She ultimately dedicated her life to learning about Vegas and it's underworld bosses, publishing 2 books on the subject Easy Street and Lady Las Vegas. Her story takes a turn for the bizarre in 1982 when Kathie Durst, the wife of college friend and heir to a New York real estate fortune, Robert Durst-mysteriously disappeared. Robert Durst was the primary suspect but no charges were laid. Shortly after the Kathie Durst case was reopened Susan Berman was found shot in the back of the head, mob execution style. No forced entry, no robbery, nothing missing. Again Robert is a suspect. Did Susan know her killer? Did she she have knowledge about Kathie Durst's death? MURDER OF A MAFIA DAUGHTER: The Life and Tragic Death of Susan Berman-Cathy Scott
Year of Release: 2021
Length: 62 minutes