MURDER OF A MAFIA DAUGHTER: Expanded and Updated 20th Anniversary Edition
Cathy Scott

MURDER OF A MAFIA DAUGHTER: Expanded and Updated 20th Anniversary Edition

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In this Expanded 20th Anniversary Edition of Murder of a Mafia Daughter, seasoned crime writer Cathy Scott provides in-depth new details of serial killer Robert Durst's arrest, trial, and conviction for the brutal murder of Susan Berman. Besides never-before-seen photos of Susan, also included is Durst’s $40,000 mask he planned to use to elude police while on the lam. Susan Berman grew up in Las Vegas luxury as the daughter of Davie Berman, casino mogul and notorious Mafia leader. After her father died, she learned about his mob connections. Susan then dedicated her life to learning about Vegas and its underworld chiefs. Her life took a bizarre turn in l982 when Kathie Durst, the wife of her good friend, Robert Durst, mysteriously disappeared. Kathie's husband was a prime suspect but the case was never solved. After the Kathie Durst case reopened, the media leaked that the district attorney was about to question Susan Berman about what she knew regarding a phone call that appeared to be Kathie calling her medical school dean saying she was sick and wouldn't be at school. The call was placed the morning after she disappeared. Soon after the Kathie Durst case was reopened, Susan Berman was found dead, shot in the back of head. No forced entry, no robbery, nothing missing from her home. This expanded and updated book covers what led to Durst's 2015 capture. Police records placed Durst in California at the time of his good friend Susan Berman's murder. HBO filmmakers discovered an envelope unknown before, written by Durst to Susan. The handwriting and spelling of Beverly Hills were a dead-on match to the cadaver letter police say the killer mailed to police informing them of Susan’s death before her body was discovered. This new release covers Durst’s lengthy murder trial in the slaying of his best friend. MURDER OF A MAFIA DAUGHTER: Expanded & Updated 20th Anniversary Edition-Robert Durst & Susan Berman-The Shocking Inside Story-Cathy Scott
Year of Release: 2022
Length: 57 minutes