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Chances are, you’ve already met the Son of Sam in movies, documentaries, books, etc. May I introduce you to David, a fellow human being with familiar vulnerabilities? The monster you met in print collides with the man I met in person. Irrefutably, the precious lives he ended scream from the graves about his barbarism. Yet, my 100 hours, 34 sessions with him will open your eyes to a guy who resembles your brother or friend. Here’s David, a lifer at Shawangunk Correctional, who still scratches his head about what “possessed” him decades ago in a city that has mythologized his crimes ever since. May I warn you that when you meet David, you will not look into the eyes of a monster, but a mirror. I present to you: Monster Mirror: 100 Hours With David Berkowitz, Once Known as Son of Sam-Dr. Michael Caparrelli
Year of Release: 2024
Length: 52 minutes