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When news broke of 3-year-old Caylee Anthony's disappearance from her home in Florida in July 2008, there was a huge outpouring of sympathy across America. The search for Caylee made front-page headlines. There were disturbing questions raised about Caylee's mother Casey and she became the prime suspect. In October, based on new evidence, her erractic behavior and lies and the signs of human decomposition found in the trunk of her car-a grand jury indicted the young single mother. Two months later police found Caylee's remains just a 1/4 mile away from the Anthony home. Casey pled not guilty and professes her innocence to this day. MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL is the definitive account of one of the most shocking, confusing and horrific murders in American history. MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL: Casey Anthony and her Daughter Caylee's Tragic Fate-Diane Fanning
Year of Release: 2021
Length: 63 minutes