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In February 1975, 9 year-old Marcia Trimble left her house in Nashville to deliver Girl Scout cookies in the neighborhood. She never returned. After a massive but fruitless search, her body was discovered on Easter Sunday. Outrage and horror gripped the community of Nashville, but the murder investigation was frustrated at every turn. The case went cold for three decades until it was finally solved. In January 1997, Herbert Blitzstein was found murdered in the living room of his Las Vegas townhouse. A notorious mob insider, "Fat Herbie" had pursued loan sharking and other rackets for decades. Now, Blitzstein had been dispatched gangland style—by three bullets to the back of the head—in what appeared to be a classic contract killing. But the details of who killed him and why turned out to be much more complicated, and the real motives and circumstances remain murky to this day. These are just two examples of the riveting stories assembled by bestselling criminologist R. Barri Flowers in this unparalleled collection of some of the top true-crime writers in the world. There are seventeen contributors including Amanda Lamb, Burl Barer, R. Barri Flowers, Cathy Scott, Patricia Springer, Harold Schechter and Katherine Ramsland. Spanning murder cases from the beginning of the twentieth century to today. MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME: Chilling Stories of Murder and the Macabre-Edited by R. Barri Flowers
Year of Release: 2021
Episode #91
Length: 74 minutes