Paulette Frankyl and J. Tony Serra


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The greatest counter-culture lawyer of his time. His trials have garnered him acclaim as one of the greatest criminal defense lawyers of the century. He's the white tornado in court, a semantic samurai, a shaman, a bard, a hero to some, a trickster to others, and always a force to be reckoned with, respected by all. This is a no-holds barred examination of the man, his renegade lifestyle, his resolute beliefs, and the legal system he serves and transforms. Filled with murder, drugs, and death-penalty cases, snitches, the psychological elements of crime, the nullification of and nexus with juries, closing arguments, and more, Lust for Justice pulls the black robe off the justice system to reveal what it is: a railroad to prison for minorities. In Lust for Justice, you view the law through the eyes of one of its greatest practitioners - and you'll never look at it the same way again. LUST FOR JUSTICE: The Radical Life & Law of J. Tony Serra-Paulette Frankl and J. Tony Serra
Year of Release: 2021
Episode #84
Length: 95 minutes