Robert Sberna


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To his neighbors, Anthony Sowell was a friendly and helpful former Marine. But they didn't know about his dark side -- or the gruesome secret inside his house.

Sowell's secret life was revealed to the nation on Oct. 29, 2009 when a Cleveland Police SWAT team entered his house to arrest him for an alleged rape. They didn't find Sowell, but they encountered a nightmarish scene -- two decomposed bodies in his third-floor living room. Eight more bodies were hidden throughout the house and buried in the back yard. In the basement, they discovered a human skull. All of the bodies were female and all appeared to have been bound and strangled.

Two days later, police captured Sowell, a sexual sadist who had served a 15-year prison sentence for kidnapping, raping and torturing a 21-year-old pregnant woman.

House of Horrors exposes the shocking details of Sowell's depraved crimes and twisted psyche. He preyed on neighborhood women, luring them to his home with alcohol and drugs. Sowell then murdered the women and lived among their corpses. At least five other women were attacked by Sowell, but managed to escape. After a dramatic trial in the summer of 2011, Sowell was convicted and sentenced to death.

In House of Horrors, readers are given a rare glimpse inside the mind of a serial killer -- through interviews with Sowell's neighbors and relatives, his surviving victims, and exclusive interviews with Sowell himself. HOUSE OF HORRORS-The Shocking True Story of Anthony Sowell, the Cleveland Strangler-Robert Sberna

Year of Release: 2021
Length: 93 minutes