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On May 21, 2002, twenty-three-year-old Raleigh, North Carolina resident Stephanie Bennett was found murdered in her apartment. Despite ample DNA evidence at the scene, investigators could find no matches in their criminal databases. Two years into the investigation, Detective Ken Copeland-known as "the garbage man" for leaving no stone unturned in his search for evidence-and his partner, Jackie Taylor, joined the case. After culling through the entire file with fresh eyes and re-interviewing witnesses, they re-released a description of a suspect neighbors had seen nearby, a man who'd once lived just next door to the murder scene. But the suspect refused to hand over a DNA sample, wiping down anything he touched, and even planting decoy samples. This is the gripping story of how a team of aggressive detectives doggedly tracked down a killer (under suspicion for a killing spree that investigators believe might have spanned years and crossed state lines)and brought closure to an innocent young woman's grieving family. EVIL NEXT DOOR: The Untold Story of a Killer Undone by DNA-AMANDA LAMB
Year of Release: 2021
Episode #32
Length: 60 minutes