Anne Penn


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On March 13, 1980, In Ventura County, California, prominent attorney Lyman Robert Smith, on the verge of being appointed a Superior Court judge, and his wife Charlene were murdered in their home. Author Anne Penn her actual name Laurie, is the couple's niece. She was close to her grandfather, Lyman's father and saw the devastating impact the murders had on the family. Once she realized it was the work of EAR/ONS Laurie vowed to do all she could to investigate and help solve the incredible serial murder mystery. She was hopeful, convinced that advances in familial DNA, along with dogged law enforcement, would make an arrest. And she believed the killer still, and had always lived in Sacramento and that EAR/ONS targeted her family members 400 miles away in Southern California to kill them. FBI Investigator Paul Holes used DNA recovered from one of the EAR/ONS crime scenes to first find the killer's great, great grandparents and painstakingly worked through thousands of relatives to the present day. The investigation lead to a 72-year-old retiree living in the Sacramento suburb of Citrus Heights. On April 24th Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested. Laurie will discuss the case, her reaction, her predictions and conclusions and what she will do now regarding this still for her unfolding investigation. EAR/ONS, GOLDEN STATE KILLER UNMASKED: A Family Member Speaks Out-Anne Penn
Year of Release: 2021
Length: 67 minutes