Jeannie McDonough and Paul Lonardo


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Adam Leroy Lane was a trucker with a passion for morbid side trips. At random truck stops along the interstates in America's Northeastern states, Lane would leave his truck and, under the cover of darkness, prowl nearby neighborhoods in search of an unlocked door and a vulnerable woman. His first known victim would be Darlene Ewalt, who was murdered on the back deck of her Pennsylvania home as she sat talking on the phone with a friend; and her husband and son sleeping inside. Monica Massaro would be next. A single woman living alone in New Jersey duplex, Monica would be the third to die at the hands of this nomadic serial killer. Lane's reign of terror would end when he crossed the threshold of the McDonough's home in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. When he entered Shea's room, he wasn't counting on a teenage girl who was a fighter, a broken air conditioner preventing a deep sleep, or nearby parents willing to do anything to protect their daughter. CAUGHT IN THE ACT: A Courageous Family's Fight To Save Their Daughter From A Serial Killer-Jeannie McDonough with Paul Lonardo
Year of Release: 2011
Length: 64 minutes