Sheila Johnson


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From the time he was a teenager, Jeremy Bryan Jones had let his violent passions run wild: attacking, raping, and mutilating. Then, in Mobile County, Alabama, Jones' rampage was stopped. But no one knew how many bodies were in his past. Convicted and sentenced to die for the brutal murder of Lisa Nichols, an Alabama mother of two children, Jones shocked authorities with the story of his life - and his claims of snuffing out over a dozen victims in thirteen years. But was he telling theĀ truth, or was he simply taunting his captors? Detectives from across the South scrambled to prove Jones' claims. At every turn, the man dubbed "the redneck Ted Bundy" made a mockery of the police, the courts, and the media, and investigations into the horrifying crimes attributed to him still continue. Now, for the first time, the definitive story is told about a psychopath who enjoyed confessing almost as much as he enjoyed killing...BLOOD LUST-Sheila Johnson
Year of Release: 2021
Length: 60 minutes