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36 year-old Lisa Montgomery was a mother of 2 but still wanted to have more children. The last time pregnant she miscarried and now she was pregnant again-and desperate to have another child. On December 16th, 2004 in Skidmore, Missouri Montgomery strangled 8-month pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett and cut from the womb her unborn baby. Lisa Montgomery fled to Melvern, Kansas and managed to pass off the abducted newborn as her own to her unsuspecting husband and family members. Thanks to Amber Alert and a forensic examination of computer correspondence, the baby was found safe and sound and Montgomery was arrested. At trial-Was she suffering from mental illness or simply a cold-blooded killer? What would the jury decide? BABY BE MINE: The Shocking True Story of a Woman Who Murdered a Pregnant Mother to Steal Her Child-Diane Fanning
Year of Release: 2021
Episode #1
Length: 60 minutes