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Richard and Victoria Tinyes feared the worst when their thirteen-year-old daughter Kelly Ann vanished from their quiet suburban community of Valley Stream, New York on March 3, 1989. But the nightmare to come was worse than they could ever imagine.Only five doors away, in the home of John and Elizabeth Golub, police found Kelly Ann's body stuffed in a plastic garbage bag. She'd been brutally beaten, stabbed, strangled and mutilated. After weeks of intense investigation, police arrested the Golubs' twenty-one-year-old son, Robert – a reclusive young man obsessed with bodybuilding and given to fits of rage.The sensational trial and subsequent conviction of Robert Golub shocked the nation and tore the once-peaceful community apart. Neighbors took sides. So did the media. And no one who lived on Horton Road would ever be the same.Acclaimed journalist Ronald J. Watkins takes you into the dark heart of an idyllic American suburb, where the savage murder of a young girl shattered the innocence of a town forever. AGAINST HER WILL: The Senseless Murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes-Ronald J. Watkins
Year of Release: 2021
Episode #43
Length: 116 minutes