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A Harvest of Innocence is Dan Stidham's story, until now untold, regarding his involvement in the West Memphis 3 murder case. He stepped into its current as a young lawyer, unaware of its strength and the immutable, unpredictable eddies that would forever change his life and his view of the law. He tells it now because it must be told. He spent most of the past 30 years viewed in widely disparate lights. In the beginning, to some he was a pariah, a man so bold as to represent a teenager accused of being a Satanic child killer. Much later, others began to respect his efforts in seeking justice for Jessie Misskelley. In the real world, it is much more complicated than that. He was nothing more than a lawyer committed to doing his job, what was required of him by his moral compass. As a reward for his efforts, he spent a good deal of the past 30 years being pummeled by those hellbent on stopping his quest for justice for the West Memphis 3, young men who spent nearly two decades in prison for heinous crimes they simply did not commit. This is the true story of those events. A HARVEST OF INNOCENCE: The Untold Story of the West Memphis Three Murder Case-Dan Stidham
Year of Release: 2024
Length: 90 minutes